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If you agree with the mission and truths set out in the works of Sharifur Rahman Adil then you can recommend and shared the Sharifur Rahman Adil websites to all your friends & Family and encourage them to subscribe to these sites. You can send your acquaintances an e-mail with the Sharifur Rahman Adil website links.

You can also prepare texts on Facebook and Twitter by taking extracts from works by Sharifur Rahman Adil.You can set up groups and pages on Facebook and thus enable many more people to access and learn about the works of Sharifur Rahman Adil.

You can assist in the publication of articles by Sharifur Rahman Adil in the national and local press. Please contact us about this on our Facebook message inbox.

And You can send us an e-mail about advanced technology that we could use on our websites and in our other works.


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